Application of Matrix in Hill Cipher Algorithm

  • Irmayani Irmayani Faculty of Computer, Universitas Cokroaminoto Palopo, Indonesia
Keywords: algorithm encryption, decryption, Hill Cipher, Modulo


The aim of the research is applying the 3x 3 matrix in the Hill Cipher of cryptography. Hill cipher is one of cryptography algorithm used of symmetric matrix. It uses an n x n sized as key matrix to convert from plaintext to ciphertext.  The method of research is quantitative method. The hill cipher algorithm has two processes they are encryption and decryption. The matrix used in Hill Cipher algorithm is multiplication between matrix and inverses matrix. Hill cipher used is key matrix ordo 3x3 an modulo theory. The result of the research is Matrix operations used in the hill cipher encryption process such as multiplication, transpose and determination of a matrix's determinants. The more matrix operation is in a hill cipher, the higher the security level of a cipher. The more complicated the application of the matrix in the hill cipher, the significant function of the hill cipher in maintaining data security.


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