Design and Construction of Patchouli Chopper Machine

  • Harjuma Harjuma Akademi Teknik Soroako
  • Wardayani Wardayani Akademi Teknik Soroako
Keywords: patchouli, essential oil, chopper machine, patchouli processing


Patchouli (Pogostemon Patchouli) is a tropical shrub that produces essential oils called patchouli oil, used as a binder (fixative) in cosmetic ingredients. The design of construction of patchouli chopper machine is one of  the solution to solve the following problems, such as inefficient cutting time, inconsistent productivity and bad quality of the product (Directorate of Post-harvest and Business Development Directorate General of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, 2012). The location of the project is carried out at the Soroako Technical Academy. Data was collected through literature studies, and discussions with mentors. The patchouli cutting method used the principle of lever by using scissors or shearing machines. Dried patchouli leaves contain the volatile oil in the range of 1.4% to 4% and the volatile oil contains about 40% of patchouli alcohol. To get the expected results the chanting process is carried out using the 4-6 months patchouli. Based on the test results are in the rotation and blade angle of 650 rpm and 200° respectively. The position of patchouli when inserted in the machine must be horizontal in order to cut it properly. The arrangement of the rotation (rpm), angle of cutting knife and slitting knife cut, will give a significant effect to the cutting.


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